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Proudly Representing the Police Officers, Corporals and Sergeants of the California State University Police System.


CSU Police Departments

Take a look at the twenty-three California State University Police Departments that serve and protect.


Cal State University PD Running Team

Our running team participates annually in the Challenge Cup Relay race, better known as "Baker to Vegas."

CSUPD Running Team

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Every year the Statewide University Police Donations donates time and money to numerous charities, groups and organizations locally and globally.

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News Flash

Campus shootings spark increase in lockdown drills Talia

campus shootingsAt 10 a.m. on Dec. 3, 2013, students' cellphones at South Carolina State University buzzed or beeped with this text message:

"Initiation of Lockdown: The following alert is an active shooter mock drill being conducted by SC State Police. This is only a drill."

There was no threat to the campus that day, but Mernard Clarkson, the interim chief of police, wanted to test the university's mass notification system and response to an active shooter situation.

"Anytime you can train on something and have pre-information on what to do, the better the outcome will be," Clarkson said. "Folks knowing what to do will reduce the likelihood of more people being injured in this type of incident."

Clarkson had no idea that less than two months after

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What is SUPA?

SUPA is a non profit organization that is proud to represent the Police Officers, Corporals and Sergeants of the California State University Police System.

The CSU Police System

The CSU Police Departments provide police and public safety services to twenty-three California State University campuses. The campuses of the CSU serve approximately 409,000 students, 44,000 staff and faculty, and an uncounted number of visitors and guests each day. The CSU is the largest university system in the United States.
There are approximately three hundred SUPA members who are spread amongst twenty-two CSU campuses. SUPA members provide the necessary law enforcement services in the effort to keep the CSU campuses as safe as possible in today’s world.
SUPA members provide this service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. SUPA members are certified peace officers under the authority of the California Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST).



CSU Police Departments