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moderngunThe CSU Channel Islands Police Department, will be hosting an “Active Shooter for the First Responder” class, on Feb 28th and 29th. , 2012. The course will be taught by best-selling author (The Art of Modern Gunfighting) and founder of ITTS (International Tactical Training Seminars) Scotty Reitz. Reitz is a 30yr veteran of the Los Angeles Police Department with 21 years dedicated to training and serving along-side the department's elite Metropolitan/SWAT division. Reitz’s staff is comprised of only current members of these elite units, who have dedicated themselves to training others.

This is an intensive two day course. The class will focus on the reality behind what the majority of Officers in the field are being faced with in regards to Active Shooters. Students will learn the dynamics of responding with a “Nominal Numeric Response” (Teams of 1-3 Officers). History has shown us, that when responding to a live Active Shooter, Officers are generally entering structures and/or engaging suspects in teams of 1-3 bodies. The course will include a combined lecture of tactics, theories, firing solutions, response mechanisms, communications and the physiological and psychological factors faced by the first responder. One day intensive live fire rifle training will be incorporated to allow the participant to be able to solve complex firing solutions. A second day will be devoted to tactics, cold runs from response to contact to resolution in a non-live fire format. Other factors covered during the course will include weapons selection, attendant gear, weapons & gear set up, and rapid deployment to known or unknown threats.

To sign-up for the class, or to learn more about the instructors, please follow the below link. The flyer for the class is attached to this e-mail and also available via the below link. Attendees will receive an informational e-mail, with logistical information (lodging, directions, etc), several weeks prior to the class. This is an LEO only class, and spaces are limited. Any questions, please feel free to contact myself or Sgt. Shawn Bartlett, using the numbers listed below.

Officer Dan Borgstrom- 805-404-0801

Sergeant Shawn Bartlett- 805-437-8963

Sign-up: Click Here

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