Save the date JUNE 26th - Director's Video Conference Meeting

SUPA will be having the June meeting on the 26th at 0930 hrs. This meeting will be a video conference instead of meeting in person.  The meeting should last about 2.5 hrs.  As SUPA is preparing for contract negotiations in June, the Executive Board feels that the best use of our members’ dues is to hold the meeting via video conference.  Currently Executive Board and the Negotiations Team are preparing for upcoming negotiations and the ongoing disciplinary issues SUPA members are involved in.  We would like to try video conferencing occasionally to save money and see how it works out.  Most likely, the directors will need to have a 2-day meeting in February 2018.  This will save money for that meeting as well as prep for the new contract.

Participants will need a computer with a video camera and an internet connection.  We will be using a program called GoToMeeting and a member of the Executive Board will send out the link in a couple of weeks.  If you have any questions, please contact President Solomon.

If you require release time for the meeting please put in for it as soon as possible.

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