Sacramento Sate University Police Chief Receives Vote of No Confidence!!!


5 January 2011

Freeman Public Affairs

Sacramento State University Police Chief Receives Vote of No Confidence from Officers

Sacramento, CA – In a January 4th 14-to-one vote of no confidence passed by officers under his command, Police Chief Daniel Davis was given formal notice of the growing concerns surrounding his leadership. This is the second such vote against Chief Davis. A year ago, after serving only a few months under the Chief, officers voted for an immediate change in direction of police department leadership, then predicting what has now occurred -- a rise in crime due to the Chief’s inability to manage his department.

Officers assigned to the Sacramento campus belong to the California Statewide University Police Officers Association (SUPA) and have already made public their intention of bringing about reform to university policing.

“The Chief seems to have forgotten how to prioritize spending,” asserts Jeff Solomon, president of SUPA. “His 200% increase in administrative staffing means less money for campus patrols at a time when they are needed most following a school year plagued by eight sexual assaults, one murder and an assault with a deadly weapon on two officers.”

Davis was invited to a SUPA meeting, held May 11, 2010, to address the officers and started by saying, “I know things are not going well right now and morale is down.” He offered no remedies for the situation, except for increasing management staff, but did joke that he had a PowerPoint slide representing the department’s current state – an imploding building.

The Chief’s administrative staff includes three lieutenants, one civilian manager, two full-time administrative analysts and one executive assistant. Since only one-to-four police officers are on patrol at any given time, the administrative staff significantly outnumbers patrol officers, making the Sacramento State Police Department the most management-heavy department in the California State University System. To fund these management positions, the Chief has kept patrol staffing at minimal levels even with rising crime. The current 17 officers, 15 of whom patrol, are tasked with protecting 29,000 students and 1,300 faculty members across a 300-acre campus 24/7. DOJ guidelines call for 2.3 officers per thousand. Clearly, Sacramento State policing does not meet these guidelines.

”With budget cuts and rising student fees, SUPA believes it must do more to ensure that tax dollars spent on public safety go where they are needed most,” explains Solomon. “Our mission is to protect this campus and to make sure our officers have adequate reinforcements to prevent crimes and handle emergencies. This is much harder to do when officers are patrolling alone without back-up or supervision.”

In addition to the assertion that money spent on costly administration would be better spent on patrol, the no-confidence vote cited other concerns with the Chief, including his failure to address rising campus crime, retaliatory actions toward officers who disagree with his management-heavy policing style, his year-long sign-out of a police car to a retired chief, his money-wasting use of part-time officers in lieu of already employed full-time officers in contract violation and his failure to report to the department a wreck he had in his take-home police car while talking illegally on his cell phone. These concerns were further emphasized by the announcement of several officers that they were applying at other police organizations.

Chief Davis, as well as Sacramento State President, Dr. Alexander Gonzalez, was informed of the outcome of the vote the day after the meeting.

SUPA is composed of approximately 360 sworn officers who are assigned to the 22 campuses of the California State University System.

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