LAKE MERCED: Woman missing for a week found safe


m wilsonA San Francisco mother who was lost at Lake Merced Park for a week, is now safe at home with her family. 65-year old Marcia Wilson went for a walk at the sprawling 650 acre park last Tuesday and when she didn't come home, her daughter says she filed a missing persons report.

"She said she went for a walk and she went further than expected," explained Wilson's relieved daughter, Justina Perry, after she picked her mother up from San Francisco General Hospital Wednesday afternoon. "She got weak and she didn't have any resources to get back."

Perry peppered the area with missing person flyers, and gave one of them to San Francisco State police officer, Frank Ruis.

"She was frantic," Ruis remembered.

One week after getting that flyer, Ruis and his partner, Officer Edmund Velez, found Wilson.

"We found the mother in the fetal position under a bush at Lake Merced Park," said Velez. "She seemed a little disoriented."

"She didn't have any food or water for seven days, so I know she was really weak," Perry said.

She thinks there should be a better way to search for missing adults in San Francisco's sprawling parks, but is so grateful to the officers who changed her tears of pain, to tears of joy.

"There are so many missing people out there," Officer Velez said. "So actually find somebody and reunite them with their family, we couldn't get a better feeling."

Perry says she is just thankful to have her mother back home. "I'm going to take her home and give her a bath and give her some soup, and just sing to her and give her love." she said through tears. "I'm just happy that she's with me."

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