CSU cops struggle with pay

By Brian Flores FOX 5 San Diego Staff

July 14, 2011

Just days after the CSU board of trustees voted to raise tuition, and give SDSU's president a raise, students spoke of frustration on campus.

"I just feel like we're basically giving him money for his job," said Kalei Barretto, SDSU freshman nursing student.

The sentiment is similar for students about to graduate.

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"The prices are already going up. And now my little sister is going to be here next year and that means more money coming out our pockets," said Lisa Carozzi, an SDSU psychology student.

But students aren't the only ones frustrated. Officials with the State University Police Association, which is the union for CSU police officers said they haven't received a raise since 2007,

"I'm a firm believer in you get what you pay for, said Jeff Solomon, president of the state university police union. "If the president of San Diego State University does a great job then he's probably worth the money. I just wish the CSU would take that mentality and have the trickle down effect toward the police department."

The police officer bargaining agreement was last settled in 2007. However considering the recession, fee hikes, and salary increases for others, some in campus police are asking, where's their raise.

"It's definitely the primary goal," he said "Is to get step increases, automatic step increases for our officers if they do a good job."

Attrition has been a problem on CSU campuses, said Solomon. The officers that want to work for the CSU, can't because of low salary, and they leave for competing agencies, said Solomon.

"Conditions are bad," said Solomon, "We have officers here that have taken second jobs just to be able to maintain. It is very frustrating."

Solomon also believes this is a public safety issue considering that cops with years of experience leave, and they are forced to train new ones.

The campus police union are currently in open negotiations with the CSU board of trustees. According to Solomon, they plan on meeting with the board in August.

A number of our unions are in bargaining on their collective bargaining agreements. The CSU has 46,000 employees, with about 43,000 of them employed under collective bargaining agreement, said a CSU spokesperson.

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