Contract negotiations update/meeting with Lieut. Gov. Gavin Newsom


I wanted to provide in update to our collective-bargaining process. I've received several e-mails and phone calls regarding the current status. At this point, there is not much to report other than we have provided the CSU with our sunshine proposal and have received theirs. You can view both sunshine proposals on the CSU website at the following web address:

Please keep in mind, that sunshine proposals are a starting point for negotiations. Typically what happens next is we get a rejection letter or acceptance letter to our proposals and set a date for negotiations down in Long Beach at the Chancellor's office. As I receive more information, I will keep you posted both via e-mail and on our website. Feel free to contact me directly, or your SUPA director on your campus for more information.

On a positive note, I spent the day at the state Capitol yesterday with our public affairs/legislative advocate Jim Freeman meeting with lawmakers. Dieter Dammeier also attended the meetings with us. Most importantly, we had a meeting with the Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom that I will say was very positive. I believe the Lt. Gov. understands our concerns and I look forward to a long relationship with Lt. Gov. Newsom. I will keep you all posted in the weeks, and months to come.


Jeffrey H. Solomon
SUPA President

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