Chief Johnson’s Swearing-In

SUPA-Pres -and-Nate-johnsonOn 7-14-10, myself and VP Mike Johnson were invited to Chief Nate Johnson’s swearing in as the new Chief Law Enforcement Officer at the Chancellors Office. VP Johnson and arrived a day early to attend the trustees meeting. While we were there we wanted to “pop” in and say hi Chief Johnson. We did just that, and walked up to the second floor and found the Chief working at his desk. He stood up and greeted us, and asked into his office. We ended up speaking with Chief Johnson for 45 minutes or so. We listened as he spoke about some of his ideas for the CSU PD and the direction he wanted to move in. It seemed to both VP Johnson and I that we had much of the same feelings on direction, and our ideas were on parallel tracks. I am very encouraged after my meeting with Chief Johnson and look forward to working with him in the near future. I have a meeting with Chief Johnson on the 16th of August and will keep you all posted.

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