Special Tribute

In Memory of Corporal Reo Glenn Erickson, SUPA Director, Cal State Polytechnic University, Pomona.

It is with the deepest sadness and regret that the California State Polytechnic University Pomona, Police Department announces the death of Corporal Reo Glenn Erickson, a 5-½ year veteran of the department. Reo was recalled to active duty in the wake of the September 11th attacks on America. Stationed at Ellsworth Air Force Base in South Dakota, Reo died as a result of a boating accident on Angostura Reservoir.

Reo Glenn Erickson joined the Cal Poly Pomona State University Police Department in October of 1996 following service with the Covina Police Department. He was promoted to Corporal on December 1, 2000. Prior to working for Covina, Reo was employed as a Deputy with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.

A leader within the department, Reo was selected to receive MADD California’s highest commendation for his work at Cal Poly Pomona in alcohol abuse prevention. He was selected as the Air Force nominee, representing the Air Force Reserve, for the 1999 Government Employees Insurance Company (GEICO) Military service Awards, Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention Category. He was a trained Drug Recognition Expert and was certified by the Los Angeles County courts to testify as a drug expert. In addition to his regular duties, Reo was assigned as the School Resource Officer for I-Poly High School.

Reo believed in working to make the CSU Police Departments The best they could be and to that end he distinguished himself and his department by serving as the SUPA Director for Cal Poly Pomona Police Department.

A beloved friend, colleague, and a devoted husband and father, Reo is survived by his wife and three children.

All of us at Cal Poly Pomona State University Police Department and members of the Statewide University Police Association will miss our friend and colleague.